Famous Bald People in A-Z Order

Jo Koy comic routine talking into mic pulling strange face with a bald head

Jo Koy – PhilAm Comedian

Joseph Glenn Herbert goes by his family nickname ‘Jo Koy‘. He is a bald comedian that is half Filipino, half American. Phil-Am is what the mixed race is commonly called in the Philippines and in America. With a Filipina mother and American / European father Jo Koy is a hilarious comedian that loves to joke about Asian and Americans people and their cultures. His Catch phrase is ‘I Love Orange Chicken’. On being bald Jo says that he cannot and won’t try to grow out his hair. In an interview with GoPride about his bald head he says ” I…Read More

John Malkovich Actor Director Producer

John Malkovich – Actor Director Producer

John Gavin Malkovich is an American actor, producer, director and more recently fashion designer with his own line of menswear made in Italy called ‘Technobohemian‘. He has appeared in over seventy movies, his first movie role was as an extra in the 1978 film ‘The Wedding’. Later in 1984 he appeared in his first feature film in the drama movie ‘Places in the Heart’ starring Sally field. You may remember him, he was Sally Field’s blind boarder ‘Mr Will’. He received his first Academy Award nomination for the role. John Malkovich on being bald once said “it’s ok, Michael Jordan…Read More

Kelly Slater Surfing Champion that suffers hair loss

Kelly Slater – World Surfing Champion

Robert Kelly Slater is an American surfing World champion (11 times) and holds both the record of being the youngest winner of the World Surf League (WSL) title at age 20 and the oldest contestant to win the World Surf League (WSL) title championship at the age of 39. The WSL changed it’s name and was known as ASP – Association of Surfing Professionals from 1983 – 2014. Genre Bald Professional Surfer Born  February 11, 1972, Cocoa Beach, Florida, United States Alive or Dead Alive and Well Best Known for Most successful surfing champion in the history of surfing surpassing…Read More

Kevin Eubanks black Musician interview for archive of american television

Kevin Eubanks – Musician

Kevin Tyrone Eubanks is an African American musician, jazz guitarist and composer. He was the black bald band leader on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. He remains good friends with Jay Leno even after all the bald head jokes Leno used to make. The African American musician has performed in numerous jazz bands since he began in 1981 at the age of 24. Kevin likes to wear various style hats and caps but we are unsure if this is just to cover up the fact that he is bald. Genre Bald Musician Born  November 15, 1957, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United…Read More

Larry David comedian producer talks about Seinfeld wearing glasses receding white hair

Larry David – Comedian Actor Producer Writer

Lawrence Gene David is an American producer, writer, comedian and actor. He is best known for co producing American sitcom ‘Seinfeld‘. He and Jerry Seinfeld are joint creators and executive producers of the show. David was also head script writer for the show from 1989 – 1996. In a ’60 Minutes’ interview with Charlie Rose in 2015, the bald Larry David was asked about his net worth reported to be over $500 million. Larry said quote “I don’t have that kind of money! My wife took half of it in the divorce, the figures are crazy.” Then Charlie Rose asks…Read More

Louis Gossett Jr African American actor wears hat on bald head

Louis Gossett Jr – African American Actor

Louis Cameron Gossett Jr. – Academy Award winning African American actor. His most notable role was the Gunnery Sergeant ‘Emil Foley’ in the motion picture film ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ in 1982. Louis won the Academy Award for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ in 1988 blockbuster movie starring Richard Gere. Not just movies either, the bald African American actor Louis Gossett Jr. appeared on television in shows such as Bonanza, The Partridge Family, ‘Mod Squad’ Love, American Style, The Jeffersons, Good Times, The Six Million Dollar Man, Police Story and The Rockford Files. Genre Bald Actor Born  May 27, 1936, Brooklyn,…Read More