Mitch Pileggi – Bald Guy X Files

Mitch Craig Pileggi is a bald American actor that is most recognised for the role as ‘Walter Skinner’ an FBI agent on the crime TV series ‘The X-Files’. The science fiction drama aired from September 10, 1993 to May 19, 2002 and starred ‘David Duchovny’ as Fox Mulder and ‘Gillian Anderson’ as Dana Scully or ‘Scully’ for short.

Mitch Pileggi in 2016 has a short grey beard with a shaven head and is tall at 6 feet 2 inches. A handsome bald dude if i may say so myself. He really seems to have gotten better looking with age. This guy pulls of the bald head and bearded, bad ass look with ease. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments section.

Mitch Pileggi bald actor famous for x-files

Mitch Pileggi

Genre: Bald Actor born in America

Born: April 5, 1952, Portland, Oregon, United States

Alive or Dead: Alive and well

Best Known for: Role as Walter Skinner the bald FBI Director that wore glasses in the X-Files.

Height & Weight:  6’2″ / 175 cm’s – 187 lbs / 85 kg’s

Nationality: American

Net Worth: $3 Million USD

Married or Single:  Married twice. Divorced Debbie Andrews 1978-84. Married Arlene Warren in 1996. David Duchovny, star of the X-Files was the best man at their wedding held in Hawaii. They are still happily married and have one child together, Sawyer Scout Pileggi born May 24, 1998.

Gay or Straight:  Straight as a die.

Interesting Facts and Trivia: Do you remember the movie by Director Wes Craven ‘Shocker’ from 1989. Well the big bald scary prisoner ‘Horace Pinker’ was played by Mitch Pileggi.


Bald Actor Mitch Pileggi as ‘Horace Pinker’ in the Movie ‘Shocker’



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