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Terry O'Quinn bald actor from lost and the stepfather

Terry O’Quinn Bald Actor

Terry O’Quinn is a bald American actor most famous for role as ‘John Locke’ in the TV series ‘Lost’. Terry decided to change his name after finding out another fellow actor already had his name. His real birth name is ‘Terrance Quinn’. Terry started to go bald in his early twenties. He is bald in the vast majority of his on screen appearances. Genre Bald Actor that wears glasses – Years active: 1980 till present. Born July 15, 1952 Sault…Read More

Steve Speirs big bald Welsh actor

Steve Speirs – Bald Welsh Actor

Born Steven Roberts in Wales, Great Britain and best known by his stage name Steve Speirs, an actor and comedian that has appeared in box office blockbusters and numerous hit television programs. A tall large statue of a man commonly cast as the ‘big bald guy‘ and can often be seen with short full beard a ‘goatee’ or unshaven stubble. Genre Bald Television host, actor and comedian Born February 22, 1965, Troedyrhiw, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, United Kingdom Alive or Dead…Read More

Samuel L Jackson African American actor scene from movie appears bald wearing eye patch and pointing gun

Samuel L. Jackson – African American Actor

Samuel Leroy Jackson is an African American actor and occasional producer that has starred in over 100 feature films. His career began on stage in theatre productions then progressed to film in 1988 aged 40, a relatively old age to start a movie career don’t you think?. Samuel L Jackson is one of the highest grossing celebrities in Hollywood today. He is also one of the most searched people at our website and we thank him for having the confidence…Read More