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Established in 2009 ‘Famous Bald People’ is part of a group of entertainment and reference websites that focus on the topic of bald people that are famous in one way or another. Baldactors.com and Baldmusicians.com are our sister sites.


We appreciate being known as the website that brings together follicly challenged famous people from all around the World and from any genre of society from popular actors and actresses to sports people to entrepreneurs and more to one place, the famous bald people website.


Our mission is to embrace hair loss and promote acceptance by showing our viewers what other people have achieved in life whilst being bald either by choosing to shave bald, male pattern baldness, maturity or unfortunately sometimes by way of illness.


Visitors to our website greatly admire the people we have showcased and we look forward to adding more and more famous people as they become more popular.

Robert Middleton
Author and Founder

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