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Michael Rosenbaum wearing dark sunglasses sporting a shaved head

Michael Rosenbaum – Shaved Head

Michael Rosenbaum – occasional bald Hollywood Actor that is best known for playing ‘Lex Luthor’ on the hit TV series ‘Smallville‘. He’s not actually bald nor does he suffer from a receding hairline (yet) or male pattern baldness he just likes to shaves his head smooth so we think he is still worth a mention. The ladies like him too. Sometimes known as the ‘hot bald guy’ from the TV Superman show. Genre Actor that likes to shave his head bald. Born  July 11, 1972, Oceanside, New York, United States Alive or Dead Alive and well Best Known for Adam…Read More

Gail Porter hot model that suffers Alopecia hair loss

Gail Porter – Female Model TV Presenter Suffers Alopecia

Gail Porter bald British born female Television presenter host and former FHM model that was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata in 2005. In her ‘hay’ day the hot raunchy model posed for men’s magazine FHM and was also seen on the front cover of Esquire magazine among others, sometimes semi nude and often dressed like a schoolgirl with short skirt, long socks and hair worn in pigtails. She was however too short to be a catwalk model at only 5 feet 4 inches. That was the 90’s before she developed Alopecia and lost all the hair on her body including her…Read More