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Damon Wayans African American Actor sitting on couch wearing purple lens sunglasses

Damon Wayans – African American Actor

Damon Wayans is a black African American actor and stand up Comedian that is bald. He is also a writer and producer. One of four Wayans brothers whom are also bald and involved in the entertainment industry. Always has a cheeky smile, frown or grin. Can be seen in more recent times wearing spectacles. Genre Bald Actor and Comedian Born  September 4, 1960 Harlem, New York, USA Alive or Dead Alive and well Best Known for  ‘In Living Color’ 90-92 and ‘SNL’ – Saturday Night Live 85-86 Height & Weight  6′ 2″ / 202cm’s – 30 pounds / 92 kg’s…Read More

Ed Asner TV interview about 911

Ed Asner – TV and Voice Actor

Ed Asner is an American TV actor, comedian and voice over actor for films and games. Born on the 15th of November 1929. Apart from an extensive television and Hollywood movie career of which he won several awards including Emmy’s Ed had a regular segment on the ‘Tonight Show with Jay Leno’ called ‘Does this Impress Ed Asner’. Genre Bald Television Comedian Born  November 15, 1929 Kansas City, Missouri, USA Alive or Dead Alive and well Best Known for  Role as ‘Lou Grant’ on the Mary Tyler Moore Show aired during 1970-80, Captain Thomas Davies on Television mini-series, ‘Roots’ in…Read More

Harry Hill funny British TV Host reading the yellow pages

Harry Hill – British Comedian TV Host

Harry Hill is a British stand up comedian, Television host, author, voice over actor / narrator and multi award winner. Harry’s real name is Matthew Keith Halland. He changed his name when his comedy career ‘took off’ because he wanted to have a name that rolled off the tongue and that sounded more ‘Showbiz’. The funny bald guy likes to wear thick half rimmed glasses usually black in colour with large collared shirts. He once said “Without my collars and glasses, i disappear”. Genre Bald British Comedian and TV Presenter / Narrator Born  October 1, 1964 Woking, Surrey, England, United…Read More

Howie Mandel Canadian Comedian Actor Host joins bald contestants

Howie Mandel – Canadian Comedian Actor Host

Howard Michael Mandel, nickname ‘Howie’ is a Canadian comedian, host of Deal or No Deal, TV presenter, judge on Americas Got Talent and occasional actor. Howie said that he shaved his head bald for a ‘clean look’ and not because he had hair loss or was going bald. He did have long, thick curly hair before shaving his head smooth. Howie also likes to keep a nice even tan on the top of his head. A sometimes hard to do feat if you tend to wear sunglasses a lot. He can often be seen sporting a ‘soul patch’ facial hair…Read More

Jo Koy comic routine talking into mic pulling strange face with a bald head

Jo Koy – PhilAm Comedian

Joseph Glenn Herbert goes by his family nickname ‘Jo Koy‘. He is a bald comedian that is half Filipino, half American. Phil-Am is what the mixed race is commonly called in the Philippines and in America. With a Filipina mother and American / European father Jo Koy is a hilarious comedian that loves to joke about Asian and Americans people and their cultures. His Catch phrase is ‘I Love Orange Chicken’. On being bald Jo says that he cannot and won’t try to grow out his hair. In an interview with GoPride about his bald head he says ” I…Read More

Larry David comedian producer talks about Seinfeld wearing glasses receding white hair

Larry David – Comedian Actor Producer Writer

Lawrence Gene David is an American producer, writer, comedian and actor. He is best known for co producing American sitcom ‘Seinfeld‘. He and Jerry Seinfeld are joint creators and executive producers of the show. David was also head script writer for the show from 1989 – 1996. In a ’60 Minutes’ interview with Charlie Rose in 2015, the bald Larry David was asked about his net worth reported to be over $500 million. Larry said quote “I don’t have that kind of money! My wife took half of it in the divorce, the figures are crazy.” Then Charlie Rose asks…Read More