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Advertising Policy

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Appearance and Position


Advertisements on Famousbaldpeople.com consist of image banner and text ads in various sizes currently – 125 X 125px, 300 X 250px and 728 X 90px.
Position of the ads are currently – header, bottom of main content, above footer and both left and right hand sidebars.

All advertising will be marked as either ‘Advertising’ or ‘Advertisement’.


Allowed Ads


We will only approve ads that match the theme of our content or if we think our users may find them useful.

Advertising that we would happily approve would be hair related products and services including hair transplants and replacement procedures, head shaving and trimming devices, wigs, weaves and general hair care products.

We would also welcome advertisers that would like to advertise performing arts, acting, film and television, and celebrity related services and products including fashion and accessories.


Ads we do NOT accept


Advertisements that we will NOT accept on our site are;

  • adult material
  • gambling, ‘make money’ get rich or pyramid schemes
  • illegal drugs and drug use
  • violence of any kind
  • graphic content
  • false or misleading content
  • ads that redirect to known malware sites or other malicious websites
  • tobacco and smoking products including e-cigarettes
  • firearms and ammunition
  • anything relating to illegal activity


Disclaimer: we reserve the right to accept and / or refuse advertising on our website as we see fit.

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