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Verne Troyer bald dwarf actor

Verne Troyer – Bald Actor Bio

Verne Troyer is an American bald actor that Suffers from Dwarfism, best known for role as ‘Mini Me’ in the Austin Powers movies starring ‘Mike Myers’. He is literally one of the shortest men in the whole World. Vern fancies himself as a bit of a playboy and has appeared in commercials as ‘The Boss’ for online casino website BGO.com. Verne is 81 cm’s tall (2 foot 8 inches). Genre Bald actor, comedian, stunt man Born January 1, 1969, Sturgis, Michigan, United States Alive or Dead Alive. In April 2017 Verne admitted himself for treatment to a rehab clinic for…Read More

Richard Grasso at the NYSE

Richard Grasso – Former Chairman of the NYSE

Richard A Grasso is famous for being the former chairman of the NYSE – the New York Stock Exchange from 1995 – 2003. Richard Grasso’s affectionately known as ‘dick’ was born and raised in New York city with Italian background. The short, clean shaven, executive that suffers from hair loss has Mediterranean skin colour hence the Italian heritage.. Genre Bald Guy in Business Born July 26, 1946 Jackson Heights, New York, United States Alive or Dead Alive and well Best Known for The bald guy you used to see accompanying the person ringing the bell at the opening of the…Read More

Paul Shaffer musician with male pattern baldness being interviewed at home beside his piano

Paul Shaffer – Canadian Musician

Paul Shaffer is a short, Canadian musician and music producer that wears spectacular spectacles. He was the band leader and David Letterman’s sidekick from 1982-1993 with ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ and 1993-2015 with the show’s new time slot ‘The Late Show with David Letterman‘. Paul was developing a receding hairline back in his SNL ‘Saturday Night Live‘ days from 1975-1980, making him around 26 years old when he started to go noticeably bald. Genre Bald Musician Born  November 29, 1949, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada Alive or Dead Alive and Well Best Known for The bald Band leader and producer…Read More

Angry Anderson short Australian musician Rose Tattoo

Angry Anderson – Australian Musician

‘Angry’ Anderson is a Short (5″1) Australian musician that suffers with male pattern baldness from an early age. Lead singer of 70’s – 80’s Australian hard rock band ‘Rose Tattoo‘. The band is still active today.   Angry Anderson with and without Hair Slide to see hair comparison   Real name is Gary Stephen Anderson. Devotes lots of his time to children’s charities and worthwhile causes…Good on ya Angry! Genre Musician / Lead Vocalist / Solo Artist Born August 5, 1947 – Melbourne, Australia Alive or Dead Alive and well Best Known for Rock band ‘Rose Tattoo’ and kids charity…Read More