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Trent Dilfer bald former NFL player

Trent Dilfer – Bald Former NFL Player

Trent Farris Dilfer is a bald retired American athlete. Former NFL quarterback. Retired from the National Football League on July 9, 2008 after playing 13 seasons – Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1996-99, Baltimore Ravens in 2000, Seattle Seahawks from 2001-2004, Cleveland Browns in 2005 and San Francisco 49ers 2006 till his retirement in 2008. In 2012 he was voted as one of the top 25 ‘The Best Bald Guys in Sport‘ by sports fan website ‘The Bleacher Report’. He can…Read More

Stephen Ireland premier league football player that wore a wig

Stephen Ireland – Football Star

Stephen James Ireland is an Irish born balding Soccer star that plays midfield for ‘Stoke City’ in the English Premier League. Rumour has it that in 2007, Stephen turned up to training wearing a wig in place of his receding hair. His team mates apparently took a double take at his new head of hair and tried to pull it off. He was thinning on top the last time they saw him. Stephen wore the wig on field throughout the…Read More

Pierluigi Collina totally bald Italian Football Referee pointing while holding whistle

Pierluigi Collina – Italian Football Referee

Pierluigi Collina is a former Italian football referee – UEFA and FIFA. He was a referee for the FIFA World Cup from 1995 to 2005. Well known for pulling some of the funniest and strangest faces during the game, often when a player ‘dives’. He suffers from Alopecia and lost all of his hair on his body after developing the disease in 1984. He has been totally bald ever since. His nickname among his colleagues is ‘Kojak’. Genre Bald Soccer…Read More