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Steve Austin

Steve Austin with goatee beard and earring

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin

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Birth name was Steven James Anderson Aka ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin is a former American Wrestler, WCW, ECW, WWF and WWE signed legend.

Steve Austin Shirtless holding WCW belt
Steve Austin with hair holding WCW belt



During his time at WCW and ECW he did have a decent head of hair. Never very thick though.

Early in his career his hair was long, blonde, then cut short with a waive at the top although noticeably receding at the front and sides

This badass bald guy sometimes sports a goatee style beard and has appeared in more than fifteen feature films and ten Television series.


see Stone Cold Steve Austin Wiki page for more details.


Steve Austin
Steve Austin


Bald Wrestler / Actor


December 18, 1964, Austin, Texas, United States

Alive or Dead

Alive and well.


Steve Austin – Retired Pro Wrestler and Actor Best Known for

Career as a professional wrestler under the guise of ‘Stone Cold Steve Austin’.

Height – Weight

6′ 1″ / 189 cm’s – 252 lbs / 114 kg’s



Net Worth

$45 Million USD

Married or Single

Steve Austin has been married four times – Kathryn Burrhus – married 1990 divorced 1992, Lady Blossom – married 1992 divorced 1999, Debra Marshall – married 2000 divorced 2003, Kristin Feres – married in 2009 and still happily married.

Interesting Facts and Trivia

Steve Austin – Retired Pro Wrestler and Actor – After retiring in 2003, Steve appeared in the ring several times as a referee.
He likes to collect antiques and this has been a favourite pastime of his since 1990.
A fine wine connoisseur.
As a young guy trying to make it big in the entertainment industry, he had to settle for low pay  starting out and was only making about $20 an appearance and lived out of his car in between ‘gigs’.
He also likes to wear sleeveless t-shirts with aggressive slogans for example ‘Arrive. RAISE HELL. Leave.’
Famous for doing the ‘Beer Can Smash’ to celebrate a win.

Watch Hulk Hogan and Stone Cold Steve Austin Do the Beer Bash Together

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