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Pim Fortuyn

Pim Fortuyn appearance on television

Pim Fortuyn

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Pim Fortuyn was a former Dutch politician that was assassinated on the 6th of May 2002 in a radio station car park in Hilversum. He was at the radio station conducting an interview at the time when he was shot dead by ‘Volkert van der Graaf’, an environmental and animal activist.

Van der Graaf killed Pim Fortuyn during the 2002 Dutch general elections. During his court conviction, the murderer said that he was not happy with the controversial politician and wanted to stop him from portraying Muslims as ‘scapegoats’ and ‘weak members of society’.

Pim Fortuyn
Pim Fortuijn


Bald Dutch Politician


February 19, 1948 Hilversum, Netherlands

Alive or Dead

Dead – Assassinated

Best Known for

Gained notoriety for speaking out negatively about Islam and Immigration in the Netherlands.

Height & Weight

6′ 2″ / 180 cm’s – 163 lbs / 74 kg’s


 Dutch / Netherlander

Net Worth

 $4 Million USD

Married or Single

Never married.

Gay or Straight

Homosexual – Openly gay bald guy and proud of it.

Interesting Facts and Trivia

Formed his own political party on February 11, 2002 called the ‘Pim Fortuyn List’.

Also known as Pim Fortuijn.

He was buried in San Giorgio della Richinvelda, Italy.

Pim was a LGBT rights activist well before it was seen as politically correct.

Always well dressed, was once voted ‘Best Dressed Man in Holland’.

The Bald Pim Fortuyn English Documentary

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