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Louis Gossett Jr and Richard Gere Scene from An Officer and a Gentleman

Louis Gossett Jr

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Louis Cameron Gossett Jr. – Academy Award winning African American actor.

His most notable role was the Gunnery Sergeant ‘Emil Foley’ in the motion picture film ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ in 1982. Louis won the Academy Award for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ in 1988 blockbuster movie starring Richard Gere.

Not just movies either, the bald African American actor Louis Gossett Jr. appeared on television in shows such as Bonanza, The Partridge Family, ‘Mod Squad’ Love, American Style, The Jeffersons, Good Times, The Six Million Dollar Man, Police Story and The Rockford Files.

Louis Gossett jr
Louis Gossett jr


Bald Actor


 May 27, 1936, Brooklyn, New York, United States

Alive or Dead

Alive and Well – Prostate Cancer Survivor

Best Known for

The tough, black and bald sergeant from ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’. Also known for role as ‘Fiddler’ the older English speaking slave from hit mini series ‘Roots’ in 1977 for which he won an Emmy Award.

Height & Weight

6′ 1″ / 185 cm’s – 198 lbs / 90 kg’s



Net Worth

 $3 Million USD

Married or Single

Married and divorced three times – Hattie Glascoe – 1967–68 annulled, Christina Mangosing – 1973–75 they had one son together, Cyndi James-Reese – 1987–1992. Apart from a son with his second wife Christina, Louis also has an adopted son with ex wife Cyndi.

Gay or Straight


Interesting Facts

An excellent basketball player in his late teens and twenties. He had an opportunity to join the New New York Knicks but chose to pursue an acting career instead.

He once said “I call myself an American Negro, not an African-American, I’m American African,” “I’m an American.”


Louis Gossett Jr Scene from An Officer and a Gentleman


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  1. Im an every day australian male whos bald i get made fun of my baldness

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