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Henry Adams

Henry Adams Journalist Historian by learn out loud website

Henry Adams

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Henry Adams was an American historian, author and journalist. The Harvard graduate is known for publishing his own Autobiography ‘The Education of Henry Adams’.

Henry Adams
Henry Adams


Bald American Historian and Author


February 16, 1838 Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Alive or Dead

Dead – died aged 80 years old on March 27, 1918 in Washington D.C

Best Known for

Author of the 9 volume publication ‘The History of the United States of America 1801 – 1817’.

Height & Weight

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Net Worth

 $100,000 USD

Married or Single

Married Marian Hooper Adams in 1872, they remained married up until she committed suicide in December of 1885 by drinking potassium cyanide.
She had been suffering severe depression over her fathers death in April of the same year.

Gay or Straight


Interesting Facts

Henry Adams was the grandson of the 6th President of the United States ‘John Quincy Adams’ (1825-29) and great grandson of 1st and 2nd president of The United States ‘John Adams’ (1789-1801).


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