Gail Porter – Bald Female TV Presenter

Gail Porter bald British born female Television presenter host and former FHM model that was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata in 2005.

In her ‘hay’ day the hot raunchy model posed for magazine FHM and was also seen on the front cover of Esquire magazine among others, sometimes semi nude and often dressed like a schoolgirl with short skirt, long socks and hair worn in pigtails. She was however too short to be a catwalk model at only 5 feet 4 inches.

That was the 90’s before she developed Alopecia and lost all the hair on her body including her eyebrows and eyelashes, she went completely bald during this time.
Update 2014: Gail Porter has started to grow hair again after being bald for nearly a decade.

Gail Porter British model and tv presenter

Gail Porter

Genre: Bald TV Host, Former Model

Born: March 23, 1971 Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Alive or Dead: Alive and Well

Best Known for: Family TV program presenter / host

Height & Weight:  5′ 4″ / 162 cm’s – 99 pounds / 45 kg’s

Nationality: Scottish (British)

Net Worth: 5 Million USD

Married or Single: Married Dan Hipgrave in 2001, They have a daughter called ‘Honey’, later separated in 2004.

Gay or Straight:  Straight

Interesting Facts: One of Gail’s boyfriends in the late nineties was Keith Flint, the lead singer out of UK electronic rock band ‘The Prodigy’. It is rumoured that they have been seen together again in more recent times but this is unconfirmed.


gail porter and keith flint dating

Gail Porter with Boyfriend Keith Flint 1999

Gail Porter with Hair on Cover of Esquire Magazine 1999

Gail porter Esquire Magazine Cover

Gail Porter Esquire Cover 1999

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Gail Porter on Cover of FHM 1999


Gail Porter cover of FHM with hair

Gail Porter FHM Cover 1999

Loose Women series 21, September 13, 2016 – The bald Gail Porter discusses Women’s hair loss with other members of the panel.



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