David Ogden Stiers – Bald Actor in Mash

David Ogden Stiers is a bald actor best Known for Major Charles ‘Winchester’ in Mash alongside actors such as Alan Alda, Wayne Rogers, Loretta Swift, Jamie Farr. Still actively appearing on TV and movies, he also producers and hosts his own radio show. David is an openly gay guy that happens to have suffered hair loss, yes he is bald.

david ogden stiers bald guy wears glasses out of mash

David Ogden Stiers

Genre: Bald Actor, Radio Broadcaster

Born: October 31, 1942 Peoria, Illinois, USA

Alive or Dead: Alive and well

Best Known for: Mash TV series 1977-83 as Major Charles Emerson Winchester III

Height & Weight:  6′ 3″ / 193cm’s – 202 pounds / 92 kg’s

Nationality: American

Net Worth: 5 Million USD

Married or Single: Single

Gay or Straight:  Gay – came ‘out’ in 2009 quoted as saying “i am no longer afraid to be gay”

Interesting Facts: In one of his first movie appearances ‘THX 1138’ by director George Lucas in 1971 starring Robert Duvall, David was incorrectly billed as ‘David Ogden Steers’ a misspelling. Interestingly enough, all of the characters in the futuristic movie have shaven bald heads.


Bald Actor David Ogden Stiers Best Mash Scenes



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