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Eve Salvail

Ève Salvail – Bald Model Actress

Ève Salvail, French Canadian model /actress. Influenced by modelling in Japan in 1991 when she shaved her head bald then tattooed a large dragon underneath her hair line.

She has made several appearances in movies, notably Playing the bad ‘Tawdry Girl’ in the motion picture movie ‘The Fifth Element’ that starred another famous baldy, Bruce Willis.

Eve Salvail model and actress

Eve Salvail

Genre: Bald Model / Actress

Born: April 7, 1971 Matane, Quebec, Canada

Alive or Dead: Alive and well

Best Known for: Bald Headed European Model, Movie Roles in The Fifth Element – 1997 and Zoolander – 2001

Height & Weight:  5′ 10″ / 177cm’s – 125 pounds / 57 kg’s

Nationality: French Canadian

Net Worth: 450 Million USD

Married or Single: Married David Furnish in 2004

Gay or Straight:  Lesbian.  Came ‘out’ on January 9, 2007 during an episode of the Tyra Banks Show called ‘Coming Out Stories’.

Interesting Facts: Ève Salvail often shaves her head very short and even bald using a razor. When she grows her hair out she loves to dye it Blonde, pink and more recently silver.

She reminds me of another famous bald model ‘Amber Rose‘, especially her hair and head shape.

Her role as the ‘Tawdry Girl’ character in the Hollywood movie ‘The Fifth Element’ has been adopted by Cosplay enthusiasts.

Ève Salvail Tawdry Girl The Fifth Element

Ève Salvail – Tawdry Girl – The Fifth Element


Multipass Scene Fifth Element

We found this video on on YouTube of one of Eve’s appearances in The Fifth Element movie. Watch until around the 1:20 mark you will see Eve’s character Tawdry Girl approaching in a white and orange fur coat.



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