Caillou – Bald Cartoon Character

Caillou is a bald cartoon character from a Canadian children’s educational television show.

We get this question all the time…”why is Caillou bald?” – And the answer is “he just is”.

The meaning of Caillou is Stone or Pebble in French language. It can also mean bald head. Caillou is pronounced Kai-you, the French pronunciation is Ka’ju.

According to the producers of the show Caillou does NOT have cancer.

Caillou bald cartoon character


Genre: Bald Cartoon Character

Born: 4 years old – forever

Alive or Dead: Alive and well but his show was cancelled in 2010

Best Known for: Being a bald kid

Height & Weight:  3′ 3″ / 101cm’s – 30 pounds / 13 kg’s

Nationality: Canadian

Net Worth: 450,000 USD (based on an average of the cast members of the show)

Married or Single: Single – he’s a 4 year old boy

Gay or Straight:  How could we know he’s just a kid

Interesting Facts: You know that occasion when a child says something that is in fact totally true and unbiased. How kids play with other kids and might be curious of each others colour or disability for a minute or so then get on with playing together well this is exactly what the creators of Caillou where thinking when they developed the bald cartoon character. Teaches and reinforces that it does not matter what colour you are or if you have a disability or indeed if you are bald.

Wish ALL of the adults reading this could be as reasonable, i’s sure most of you are.

Did you know Caillou has his own YouTube Channel ?


Watch the Bald Cartoon Character Caillou’s First Episode



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