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James Tolkan

James Tolkan American Actor scene with tom cruise

James Tolkan

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James Tolkan – American actor that is best known for playing the role as Mr Gerard Strickland ‘The principal’ in the ‘Back to the Future’ movies one and two starring Michael J. Fox.

He is also well known for the role as Tom Jardian known as ‘Stinger’, the commander of the USS Enterprise Aircraft carrier in the blockbuster movie of 1986 ‘Top Gun‘ starring Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis and Val Kilmer.

James Tolkan
James Tolkan


Bald Actor


June 20, 1931 Calumet, Michigan, United States

Alive or Dead

Alive and Well

Best Known for

The principal in ‘Back to the Future’ movie from 1985 starring Michael J Fox

Height & Weight

5′ 6″ / 168 cm’s – 150 lbs / 68 kg’s



Net Worth

 $5 Million USD

Married or Single

Married Parmelee Welles on August 21, 1971

Gay or Straight


Interesting Facts

One of the lines in the ‘Back to the Future’ movie, by Marty McFly played by Michael J Fox was quote; “Mr Strickland has always been bald, has he?”.


James Tolkan the Bald Commander in Top Gun

We found a scene in Top Gun where the bald James Tolkan tells the guys “You two characters are going to Top Gun!”.


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2 thoughts on “James Tolkan

  1. Mr and Mrs Tolkan are super nice people. I worked in a laundry/cleaners in a small town in Upstate N.Y. (where I grew up and they live) Many of the high school kids, my brother included, nicknamed him “Top Gun”. One instance, Mr Tolkan came in to the laundry with a large number of carpets to be cleaned on a very hot and busy day. He waited at the end of the line as I took the items to be cleaned from each customer. Even with the A.C. on, I was melting. When it was his turn he put a cold can of Sprite on the counter and said, “First, you need this and to take a breath!” He told that regardless of the heat and the rush of customers, I kept my head cool and gave excellent customer service. I was more thankful for his kindness and recognition of my work than the cold soda washing two ibuprofens down my throat to ease my pounding headache. )
    I’ve met Mrs Tolken too. They are just sweet people. ❤

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