Famous Bald People Top 100 A-Z

TOP 100 Famous Bald People List

The greatest ever list of famous people that are bald, balding or choose to shave their heads usually because of a rapidly receding hairline.

So forget the hair transplants and the latest SMP scalp pigmentation procedures.
Throw away the lotions and potions and shave it all off and be bald and proud like the famous people below.

List is in A-Z order, let’s get started…

Ajuma Nasenyana black fashion model

Ajuma Nasenyana

Fashion model 179 cm’s tall or 5″ 10. 5. Kenyan born female cat walk model that shaves her hair short. Former Victoria Secret model. known for having one of the most beautiful and darkest skin ever seen on the runway. Born on the 16th of August 1984.

Amber Rose fashion model

Amber Rose

Bald celebrity model and actress that loves to hang out with other celebrities. Married to rapper ‘Wiz Khalifa’ filed for a divorce in late 2014. Amber once worked as an exotic dancer. She also owns her own brand of fashion eye wear. Most of the time she likes to dye what hair she has left blonde. Date of birth: 21st of October 1983.

Andre Agassi famous tennis champion

Andre Agassi

Sports star (tennis champion) and all round good guy. Hid his baldness with a long wig for years before ‘coming out’ and revealing his receding hairline. Born 29th of April 1970. Married to Steffi Graf.

Angry Anderson Bald Musician

Angry Anderson

Short (5″1) Australian musician with male pattern baldness. Lead singer of 70’s – 80’s Australian hard rock band ‘Rose Tattoo’. Real name is Gary Stephen Anderson. Born 5th of August 1947. Devotes lots of his time to children’s charities…Good on ya Angry!

Arnold Voslo famous bald actor

Arnold Voslo

wikipedia.org/wiki/Arnold_Vosloo – Sexy bald actor. Born in South Africa. Became an American (USA) citizen in 1988. Best known for the bad guy in ‘The Mummy’ movies.

Sir Ben Kingsley bald actor

Ben Kingsley

British Actor, celebrity. ‘Sir Ben Kingsley’ – CBE in 2000. knight Bachelor in 2002. Born 31st of December 1943 in Yorkshire England.

Billy Corgan bald musician

Billy Corgan

American Author, musician, vocalist and guitarist in rock band Smashing Pumpkins. Shaved his head bald in 1995 after he had spent a lot of time worrying about his hair loss and trying different styles to cover bald spots that one day he just decided to shave all his hair off and stop being so vane. ‘Good move Billy’  you really suit it and couldn’t imagine you with any other look.

BillyZane actor from Phantom

Billy Zane

American actor that is bald. Most celebrated appearance was the lead role in ‘The Phantom’ movie. Often seem in public sporting a full beard. Those high testosterone balding genes really pay off if you want a thick beard right?

Bob (Robert) Fulton rugby league legend

Bob Fulton

Bald Australian rugby league x player. Rugby league ‘Immortal’, coach and now ARL selector. Can be heard on the weekend radio 2gb Australia show ‘The Continuous Call’ with Ray ‘Bolts’ Hadley and Darryl ‘The Big Marn’ Brohman.

Britney Spears getting shaved bald

Britney Spears

Actually not bald but still worth a mention – celebrity pop star shaved her head bald in 2007. For what reason? Apparently to mask her drug use when a hair sample was to be examined over a child custody battle as reported in the UK Mirror. Read the Full Story.

Bruce Willis bald actor

Bruce Willis

Bald American Actor. Born in Germany. One of the most famous, popular, and well known bald people in modern times. Apart from his movies, Bruce really shines and reveals his personality on ‘The late show with David Letterman’. Checkout Bruce Willis and Dave Letterman on YouTube.

Chris Daughtry singer musician

Chris Daughtry

American Musician formed his own rock band ‘Daughtry’ after competing and finishing fourth place on TV show ‘American Idol’ season five.

Caillou bald cartoon character


Bald cartoon character from Canadian children’s television show. So question is “why is Caillou bald?” – The answer is “he just is”.

Damon Wayons black actor comedian

Damon Wayons

Bald Black African American Actor / Comedian. One of 4 Wayans brothers whom are also bald actors. Always has a cheeky smile or grin.

david ogden stiers bald guy wears glasses out of mash

David Ogden Stiers

Best Known for Major Charles ‘Winchester’ in Mash. Now producers and hosts his own radio show. David is an openly gay guy that happens to be bald.

Demi Moore actress bald gi jane

Demi Moore

American actress shaved her head smooth. Was married to another famous baldy Bruce Willis in 1987 but they divorced in 2000.

Dr Phil

Dr Phil

Real name is ‘Phil McGraw’ – Talk show presenter, author and once practising  Psychologist (graduated 1975). And YES! he is a real Doctor.

Ed Asner actor and voice over

Ed Asner

American TV and voice over actor for films and games. Born on the 15th of November 1929.

Elmer Fudd bald cartoon character looney tunes

Elmer Fudd

Bald cartoon character – Looney Tunes 1940 – present day. The original voice of Elmur was Arthur Q Bryan and many other actors have embraced the voice role including Mel Blanc with roles from 1943 to 1980 and current day actor Billy West also known for ‘Futurama’ and ‘Ren and Stimpy’.

Elton John gay musician that wears glasses

Elton John

British gay musician. Wears spectacular glasses on stage. Really is bald, wears a wig or hair piece. Married long time partner David Furnish after same sex marriage was legalised in Wales and England in March 2014, they married 9 months later and had 2 sons via surrogacy.


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