Famous Bald People in A-Z Order

Story Musgrave bald American astronaut

Story Musgrave – Bald American Astronaut

Franklin Story Musgrave M.D. is a former American astronaut that has completed six space missions. He is also one of the most educated people to have traveled into space. A mathematician, aviation technician, instrument technician, military pilot, Air Force doctor of aerospace medicine and physiology. A National Heart Institute post-doctoral, bio physics instructor, you get the idea, he is indeed well educated. His career at NASA began in 1967 working on the Sky Lab program. His first flight into space…Read More

Telly Savalas best known bald actor nickname Kojak

Telly Savalas ‘Kojak’ – Bald Actor

Dead American actor, real name is Aristotelis Savalas, best known for TV series ‘Kojak’. Played the Character Theo ‘Kojak’ a NYPD – New York Police Department detective. ‘Kojak‘ remained his nickname up until his death in 1994 age 70. Telly is one of the best known and most recognized famous bald people of this century. He first shaved his head for the role as ‘Pontius Pilatethe’ the fifth prefect of the Roman province of Judaea in the 1965 epic movie…Read More

Terry O'Quinn bald actor from lost and the stepfather

Terry O’Quinn Bald Actor

Terry O’Quinn is a bald American actor most famous for role as ‘John Locke’ in the TV series ‘Lost’. Terry decided to change his name after finding out another fellow actor already had his name. His real birth name is ‘Terrance Quinn’. Terry started to go bald in his early twenties. He is bald in the vast majority of his on screen appearances. Genre Bald Actor that wears glasses – Years active: 1980 till present. Born July 15, 1952 Sault…Read More