Famous Bald People

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Thea Chassin – Alopecia Areata Charity Founder best known for ‘Bald Girls Do Lunch’ charity that assists females of all ages with Alopecia to live a normal and healthy life.… Read More

Trent Farris Dilfer is a bald retired American athlete. Former NFL quarterback. Retired from the National Football League on July 9, 2008 after playing 13 seasons – Tampa Bay Buccaneers … Read More

Verne Troyer was an American bald actor that Suffers from Dwarfism, best known for role as ‘Mini Me’ in the Austin Powers movies starring ‘Mike Myers’.

Not just movie star … Read More

Vin Diesel famous bald actor whose real name is Mark Sinclair Vincent.
Born in New York city with Italian and African American ancestry and having never met his biological father … Read More