Bald Comedians

Steve Harvey bald black tv host with big moustache

Steve Harvey – Bald African American Host

Broderick Stephen Harvey is a famous African American Television actor, comedian and author and currently host of his own radio show ‘The Steve Harvey Morning Show’. Well known and recognized by his black bald head, thick moustache and pearly white teeth. Most of our older viewers will remember him most as host of his own self titled Television show ‘The Steve Harvey Show’ which aired on The WB Television Network from 1996 until 2002. Hairloss Rumours From high top fade…Read More

Steve Speirs big bald Welsh actor

Steve Speirs – Bald Welsh Actor

Born Steven Roberts in Wales, Great Britain and best known by his stage name Steve Speirs, an actor and comedian that has appeared in box office blockbusters and numerous hit television programs. A tall large statue of a man commonly cast as the ‘big bald guy‘ and can often be seen with short full beard a ‘goatee’ or unshaven stubble. Genre Bald Television host, actor and comedian Born February 22, 1965, Troedyrhiw, Merthyr Tydfil, Wales, United Kingdom Alive or Dead…Read More

Verne Troyer bald dwarf actor

Verne Troyer – Bald Actor Bio

Verne Troyer was an American bald actor that Suffers from Dwarfism, best known for role as ‘Mini Me’ in the Austin Powers movies starring ‘Mike Myers’. Not just movie star shirt either, he was literally one of the shortest men in the whole World. Vern fancied himself as a bit of a playboy and appeared in commercials as ‘The Boss’ for online casino website Vern Troyer Bald Dwarf Actor Verne Troyer’s  height is 81 cm’s tall (2 foot 8 inches).…Read More