Bald Business People

Mikhail Gorbachev soviet leader with birth mark on his head

Mikhail Gorbachev – Former Soviet President

Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev is a Russian born, Soviet Union leader from 1988 until 1991. He was the first and last President of the U.S.S.R. His efforts in government office assisted in the fall of communism which contributed to the demise of the Soviet Union and the ending of the cold war. For this he was awarded the ‘Nobel Peace prize‘ on October 15, 1990. Mikhail Gorbachev is easily identified by a ‘Port Wine Stain’ birth mark (nevus flammeus) on the…Read More

Paul Zane Pilzer Entrepreneur Economist Author interview at large wooden table

Paul Zane Pilzer – Entrepreneur Economist Author

Paul Zane Pilzer is an American Entrepreneur, author of economic, fitness and well being and novels. Paul, a World renowned economist is the author of 11 books consisting of finance, economics, wellness and how to books. Can you help us with more information on when Paul went bald? or perhaps his views about being bald? If so please let us know in the comments section and we may add it to this page if we find it interesting and credible.…Read More

Peter Garrett bald Australian musician politician at the beach with parasailer in background

Peter Garrett – Australian Musician Former Politician

Peter Robert Garrett is an Australian musician, Environmentalist and former federal Labour party (ALP) politician in the Australian parliament. The bald lead singer in the 80’s-90’s rock band ‘Midnight Oil‘. Occasionally reuniting the band for special events and concerts. Peter is one of the most recognisable bald people in recent Australian history. Fronting a headline music act at festivals and also appearing many times on television during his parliamentary term with the labour party from October 2004 to August 2013.…Read More