Bald Sports People

Mark Messier holding son and waving

Mark Messier

Mark John Douglas Messier – Canadian born former NHL ice hockey player and coach that retired from on field playing in 2004.

His sports career started in 1978 in the Alberta Junior Hockey League, playing for the ‘St Albert Saints’.

In 1979 he joined the NHL – National Hockey League, where he stayed for the duration of his career.

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Michael Jordan comparison photo as a young boy and present day

Michael Jordan

Michael Jeffrey Jordan or ‘MJ’ is an African American Basketball Superstar. Once voted, and i am sure everyone would agree, “The Greatest Basketball Player of all Time”.

Played for the Chicago Bulls from 1984-1983 and 1995-1998. After numerous comebacks, Jordan played his last seasons with The Washington Wizards from 2001 until his official retirement from the court in 2003.

The Biggest Superstar on Earth was

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