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Vin Diesel Bald Actor

Vin Diesel Bald Actor

Vin Diesel BaldVin Diesel Famous bald actor was born on July 18 1967. Vins real name is Mark Sinclair Vincent. Born in New York city and has Italian and African American ancestry and having never met his biological father was raised by his step father Irving an acting and theatre producer.

Vin diesel although having his stage debut at the age of seven (7) in a childrens play ‘ Dinosaur Door ‘ his first breakthrough was as a screen writer / director in the short film ‘ Multi Facial ‘ which was featured at the Cannes  film festival in 1995.

  • Born 18th July 1967
  • Italian and African American Background
  • Real name is Mark Sinclair Vincent
  • Debut was in  the 1990 movie Awakenings
  • Best known for The Fast and Furious Movies franchise
  • Loves dungeons and Dragons and World Of Warcraftmade this contribution…

Who do you think is the sexiest bald actor? Hmmmm…Vin Diesel and i dare say 99.9% of the female population will agree with me. Being bald added to the charisma of this multifaceted actor. Good looks combined with exceptional talent brought Diesel to the world of movies, film producing and directing.

Diesel’s career didn’t start that easy. He went thru financial problems as many actors do before their first big screen movie break.
A call to Vin from academy award winning director Steven Spielberg  offering a role in “ Saving Private Ryan“,  launched Vin Diesel’s career as an actor.

Vin Diesel has given justice to all the characters he has portrayed and gave new image to a movie superhero and caught many movie fanatic’s attention and as a matter of fact he is hugely followed internationally.

The bald star is very much in demand not only for his acting skills but for his off screen writing and directing. His career as ” film director ” will surely flourish.
Among his movies, my favourite is “The Chronicles of Riddick” an action flick that really brought me up my seats. “The Pacifier” is likely to be the second, portraying  a tough guy with a soft heart, is a feel good movie. I know lots of films had that genre but no one does it quite like Diesel. “The Fast and The Furious” is simply awesome.

A good actor deserves recognition and in that Vin Diesel don’t have much yet aside from a  Blockbuster Award nomination but who knows in the future, with this type of high caliber actor, we might be surprise that he’s on stage carrying a golden Oscar reciting his speech of gratitude.
And remember..Vin Dieselan actor that is strikingly bald !